Chin Augmentation in Bellevue, WA

With our proven surgeries, patients improve their facial aesthetics. At the Athenix Institute in Bellevue, Gavin Dry, MD, and his staff work together to address cosmetic concerns, delivering results through proven treatments.

We offer chin augmentation to alter the front of the lower jaw and chin. This procedure is customized to achieve the right kind of look, according to our patients’ wishes. Throughout treatment, Dr. Dry offers a compassionate approach and applies his full expertise to perform surgery successfully.

Reshaping the Face with Chin Implants

The chin is a defining feature of the face. It anchors the jawline, contributing to the overall shape, which is why many people undergo augmentation. Some wish to have a sharper jawline and others want to make their chin more visible. In any case, Dr. Dry makes sure the treatment enhances the size of the chin to better complement the cheeks, nose, and forehead.

Chin augmentation is not a reduction surgery; instead, an implant is attached to increase the overall structure. We help patients decide the shape, size, and overall appearance they wish to obtain, then place the implant.

What Does Surgery Involve?

It all starts with a consultation. We examine the patients’ chin and listen to their aesthetic goals. Then, we show how their surgery will affect their appearance and explain the changes we are making. When it comes time for surgery, patients have the option of receiving local or general anesthesia, depending on their comfort level. We provide the procedure in a safe hospital environment and do all we can to help patients feel at ease.

Dr. Dry makes an incision along the gums, or under the chin to access the bone, where he then inserts the implant. Made from either biocompatible silicone or natural materials, the implant is safe and healthy. It is attached via screws or stitches, and then the treatment site is sealed.

Chin augmentation can take one to three hours, depending on how extensive treatment is. Afterward, there will be minor soreness, and it will feel as though the chin is stretching for a week or so. Regular activity can be resumed after 10 or so days, and the area should fully heal within six weeks.

Candidacy for Chin Augmentation

Most patients are perfect candidates for this procedure. Those who have a normal bite are suited for treatment, as are individuals with weak or receding chin bones. We recommend that rhinoplasty and facial liposuction be completed at the same time as the augmentation procedure. 

Contact Gavin Dry, MD for Expert Surgery

Dr. Dry and our team want patients to look their best. We focus on delivering excellent surgical care that achieves our patients’ goals. Call or visit the Athenix institute in Bellevue for a consultation!

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