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Regaining your life after weight loss

“How this Journey got started.

I asked Dr. Dry what made him decide to go into plastic surgery. He said that he first started with molding clay and then wood carving.

This project started when I found a beautiful wooden bowl that had interesting knots and other characteristics. I then collected various rocks and other items, not knowing at the time how it would all come together.

I wanted to thank Dr. Dry and his staff; but a thank you note just didn’t seem adequate enough for the exceptional gift that they had given to me. I wanted to give them something that expressed the gratitude that I had in my heart. I love nature, especially rocks, and I have them all over my house. I originally looked for a “Thank you” rock, but then I found the “Life is a Journey” rock and I decided that this was the rock that best described my exceptional journey with Dr. Dry and his staff.

The Life is a Journey rock says it all, that’s how I came up with the title.

The Believe, Hope, Imagine and Dream rocks are actual quotes from Dr. Dry.

“Believe” rock: this was at our first visit. We believed in him and he believed in us by saying “We can do this”

“Hope” rock: after my first surgery I had complications due to scar tissue from radiation treatments 25 years ago. Dr. Dry looked at me and said “We can make this better” and he did.

“Imagine” rock: looking forward to a “realistic outcome” following surgery, which turned out even better than imagined.

“Dream” rock: the morning of my surgery, I asked Dr. Dry If it was ok to have high expectations for this surgery and he said “As long as they are within reason.” I told him that was fair. The results exceeded my high expectations.

"I hereby acknowledge that these are my original thoughts and work written exclusively as a thank you to Dr. Gavin Dry and his staff. ”

"My wife and I decided to get fit and trim about two years ago. I traded my keg-like belly in for six-pack abs and she is looking pretty good these days too. Recently she started telling me that my turkey wattle neck was unsightly and didn’t fit well with the good physique, if I wanted to look more youthful it would have to go. I had always considered plastic or cosmetic surgery to be a narcissistic thing for a man, but I agreed to do it to make her happy. We did a rather extensive search for a really good board certified surgeon and found Dr. Gavin Dry to be the very best choice.

Our meeting with Dr. Dry was quite reassuring, his staff is made up of an exceptional group of very highly trained and very warm people. The surgery and end-result went much better than I had anticipated, my neck and chin look great and have real definition, as much as I had when I was still in my twenties. My wife is looking at me a lot differently lately so I’m really glad I listened to her. My turkey hunting partner in Eastern Washington won’t be making any more turkey jokes at my expense either. All I can say is thanks so much to Doctor Dry, and a heartfelt thanks to his wonderful staff!"

"Dr. Dry examined me and made me feel very comfortable. He has a vast experience with weight loss patients. If you are like me and are in need of a great Plastic Surgeon, There is none better that Dr. Gavin Dry in Kirkland WA. He is an artist and a gifted surgeon!!"

“I had talked to many Plastic Surgeons across the country and locally. There was no question that Dr. Dry was one of the best anywhere. Talking to the other [plastic surgeons] across the country I mentioned that I was going to see Dr. Dry and they all knew him, said he was excellent and wondered why am I flying everywhere when one of the best is right here.”

Dr. Dry has excellent bedside manner and is one of the leading doctors in his field. He is very much a perfectionist, so you will receive a tremendous outcome.

"Dr. Dry, I am very happy to have my new breasts. It is my new and favorite thing!!! You did a very good job!!!! I love my size, my shape, and everything. Thank You so much."
Your patient Gelena.

"I have had a number of Plastic Surgery procedures from different Surgeons across the country. Without a doubt, Dr Dry was the most caring, compassionate and talented surgeon I have had. I had a breast procedure years ago by another Surgeon years ago that did not turn out well. I have had other Surgeons try to correct the problem but it kept getting worse. Dr Dry was able to "fix" my breasts and has given me back my self-esteem, confidence and some element of a normal life. I appreciate his caring manor and his talented surgical skills. I highly recommend Dr Dry. Thank you Dr Dry!"

Dr. Dry, I wanted to thank you for doing such a beautiful job on my breast surgery. Not only am I pain free, but I feel lighter and much more confident in my appearance. I have heard many horror stories over the years from woman who have had terrible outcomes with their surgeries. I am truly thankful that I chose a doctor who simply is a master at his craft. I felt cared for, listened to and safe through the entire process and when all was said and done, I had a great set of boobs as well. Thank you Dr. Dry for doing what you do. I am grateful for your expertise. Have a fantastic holiday!

Dr Dry and his staff are committed to providing the most comfortable and informative experience possible. When you meet with Dr Dry and his staff in a consultation and/or have surgery, the office actively seeks feedback so that they can continue to improve. These reviews come from Real Patient Ratings, an independent patient survey service. If you're thinking about having cosmetic surgery, you want to make the best choice possible. Dr. Dry is committed to helping you get an "insider" view and has engaged to independently survey all of his patients.
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