After Weight Loss
After Weight Loss

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 Kirkland Body Contouring Treatment for Post Dramatic Weight Loss

If you've lost a significant amount of weight and are experiencing loose skin as a result, body contouring for your post-weight-loss body may be an option to help you smooth your figure for the trim and fit look you’ve worked so hard for. Gavin Dry, MD, FRCPS, PLLC is a board certified plastic surgeon who offers Kirkland and Bellevue patients options for improving the shape of their bodies after they have accomplished dramatic weight loss.

Why is Body Contouring After Weight Loss Necessary?

With moderate weight loss, the elastic quality of your skin allows it to shrink with you as you slowly lose weight. However, with dramatic weight loss, such as what occurs after weight-loss surgery, loose folds of skin are a common occurrence. For many patients, this loose skin is uncomfortable and prone to irritations and rashes, making it necessary to treat this issue as soon as possible to prevent further discomfort.

The Benefits of Plastic Surgery after Massive Weight Loss

Dr. Dry performs body contouring plastic surgery treatments after weight loss to improve quality of life and appearance for those that have lost significant weight in the past or have recently had weight loss surgery. This type of cosmetic procedure can be performed to improve the look of skin on:

  •  Arms
  •  Legs
  •  Body
  •  Neck
  •  And face

By removing the loose skin produced after weight loss, patients can benefit from improved shape and no longer have to deal with the irritation associated with extra skin. Body contouring from our Kirkland plastic surgery practice restores your body’s smooth, natural shape so that you feel better in your own skin. Patients no longer have to struggle with ill-fitting clothes or fear over having to mask unattractive excess skin with multiple layers of clothing. 

Am I a Candidate for Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss?

In general, candidates for plastic surgery after massive weight loss are those with loose skin on arms, legs, torso, or neck as the result of losing a significant amount of weight in a short window of time. Removing this loose skin requires the expertise of a skilled plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing this procedure. Dr. Dry has been performing body contouring plastic surgery for patients who have gone through massive weight loss since he started practicing in 2000.

You worked hard to lose all of that weight. With Dr. Dry’s help, you can get the smooth silhouette you deserve. Contact our plastic surgery office for more information on body contouring treatment in Kirkland and Bellevue with Dr. Gavin Dry.


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